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નાતાલ (મેરી ક્રિસમસ) Sound of Music Orchestra – Music: ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર (ઓએસીસ)

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Merry Christmas

The Sound of Music Orchestra

(Instrumental Remix)

Oasis Thacker

ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર
ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર (ઓએસીસ)નો પરિચય

About Oasis Thacker

સૌ મિત્રોને ક્રિસમસની શુભેચ્છાઓ \

Sound of Music is one of the best musical ever. The western classical music based orchestra and songs are immortal. Excellent story and acting.  Even though this is not a Christmas film, most of my 35 years stay in USA,  the film was broadcast on TV during Christmas holidays. I and my family always watched it. So I have personal relationship  with the film and the music.

For long time I wanted to arrange theme orchestra on my synthesizer. But it is not easy to arrange 100+ pc symphony orchestra on one keyboard. Finally I did the project, and I am happy with the outcome.

I hope you enjoy the music also.


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Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona

Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona

(Instrumental synchronized with original film video)

મેરી ક્રિસમસ ‘૧૩ [મહાવિયન ડ્રિમ્સ (MP3) – ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર (પ્રથમ વાર પૂર્ણ ગીત)] Merry Christmas (MP3 Debut of ‘Mojave-an Dreams) – Ghanshyam Thakkar ‘Oasis’

Oasis Thacker - Santa

मेरी क्रिसमस

महावियन ड्रिम्स

संगीतकार और वादक ः घनश्याम ठक्कर (ओएसीस)

Music & Performance:Ghanshyam Thakkar ‘Oasis’

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Merry Christmas (MP3 Debut of ‘Mojave-an Dreams) – Oasis Thacker